Artist Statement

Light is an infinite universe that nobody will ever fully discover.

Subject matter has little importance to me. It is light, colour and texture that passionate me. The work of Claude Monet and of French impressionist painters has been fascinating me since I was fourteen. Like them I catch transitory light effects of nature. I have been using photography as medium since 1990. Then in 2007 I adopted oil as a way to bring a more personal rendition to my work. I am using an impressionist technique, consisting of broken, rhythmic strokes of pure colour to represent atmosphere, light and visual effects.


I am fascinated by nature’s light textures and patterns that create abstractions. My adventure with visual arts started seriously in 1990 with photography, after graduating from my Masters Degree. In the first 3 years, I was winning many contests. In 1993 three Canadian photography magazines were publishing my work. In 1996 I joined Masterfile photo stock agency and became a successful commercial artist. Using 3D software and photography, during 11 years I produced conceptual imagery targeting the advertising market. So far I have made more than 5000 sales in over thirty countries. Many large corporations have used my work. In 2007 I decided to move from commercial art to fine art and adopted oil as my new medium.

I took several classes at the Ottawa School of Art. I also and attended two workshops in Maine and Cape Cod with Lois Griffel, Director of the Cape Cod School of Art, and several painting lessons with Scott Addis in Montreal. The impressionist techniques I learned enable me to record nature’s light, texture and patterns. This is a new adventure that I hope will get me closer to the work of Claude Monet and the impressionist painters.


B.A. Sc. - University of Ottawa - 1984

M.A. Sc. - University of Toronto - 1988

Ottawa School of Art - 2006-2008 Workshops with Lois Griffel, Director of the Cape Cod School of Art, Acadia, Maine, Sept 2008 and Chatham, Cape Cod, Sept 2011

Painting lessons with Scott Addis, Montreal – September 2010 to August 2012

Solo Exhibitions

December 2013, “Miniature Landscapes”, Rothwell Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

April 2012, “Intimate Landscapes”, Galerie Old Chelsea, Old Chelsea, Quebec

August 1999, “Wet Pavement”, Montreal Art Club Gallery, Montreal, Quebec

February 1994, “Reflections”, Galerie Jacar, Aylmer, Quebec

October 1993, “Reflections”, Frame of Mind Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

Group Exhibitions

May 2013, “Miniature Series,” Rothwell Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

August 2011, “Glorious Gatineau”, Galerie Old Chelsea, Old Chelsea, Quebec

June 1994, Group exhibition promoting the work of young upcoming Quebec nature photographers, St-Malo, France

Published Articles

March 1995, “La magie de la lumière invisible”, Photo Sélection, Vanier, Québec

December 1993, “Glowing Results”, Photo Life, Toronto, Ontario

September 1993, “Nuit, eau et lumière”, Photo Sélection, Vanier, Québec

April 1993, “Street Reflections during Rainy Nights”, Photo Digest, Toronto, Ontario

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